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Интервью посла Евросоюза в России г-на Franco

Недавно, посол Евросоюза (с 2004 по 2009 год) в Москве посетил Институт бизнеса и делового администрирования и прочел короткую лекцию об истории создания Евросоюза. Также господин Франко любезно согласился выразить свое мнение по следующим вопросам.

There is an assumption that American business education still more advanced that European. What do you think about European and American business education?

Let me put the question about education in business terminology. When we are thinking about the product called "business education" we mean the quality and the marketing sides of it. Marketing is about an image and how you sell the product. At the same time our primary interest is about the quality of the product. Marketing and advertisement do not create the quality of the product.

It is clear that the American business education is more famous because of the greatness of the country. The scholarships they can offer, and the possibilities they have are strengthened by enormous publicity and advertising. It gives at first sight an impression that it's for sure the best business education of the world.

But, I would say, to the large expand this impression is the result of marketing. European countries are not that successful about marketing of their business education. Does this mean that the product is worse? No.

European business education often has much longer historical roots and traditions and it is of superior quality. Sometimes they say that European business education is a little less quantitative but much more human oriented. Most probably it is correct. However I think that in the global world of today it is rather advantage than disadvantage.

How do you think which country provides better business education in Europe?

As I have mentioned before, business education has very high quality at many EU countries. But because English is more accessible language in the world it provides natural marketing advantages to English speaking countries. More accessible often means better known. But better known does not always mean better quality.

If you look at the small countries in European Union the quality of business education there is always very high, the quality of education in Belgium, for instance…

What can you say about Antwerp Management School and its EMBA program?

Let me say, that this is a school that has very long traditions. If we talk about Antwerp, that is a port. Its history begins centuries ago. So does the history of the University. The Management School is younger. It was founded - to the extend I know - about 60 years ago, after the Second World War. It was originally connected with the necessity to train managers of the port and of the industry around Antwerp, comprising world famous diamond industry. It is the biggest and oldest business school in Belgium. Now it becomes more and more globally oriented. The links between business community and academic community of Antwerp Management School are very strong. It makes this business school really prominent. Antwerp is business and commercial center, Antwerp Management School - academic and business training center. It's a good symbiosis, I would say, because it's good both for business community and for University.

EMBA program of Antwerp Management School has very strong reputation. It is very much career oriented program. Many famous names of people who are now at the top of the big Belgian and European companies have finished EMBA program of Antwerp Management School in their past. It is excellent quality program.

To the extend I know this program in Moscow has already helped to a great number of the Russian managers to get promoted too. And I wish to the team of Belgian and Russian professors and consultants who teaches it a good luck.

Do you mean that Antwerp Management School is a sort of a diamond around Antwerp University, like diamonds coming all over the world to Antwerp?

Certainly this school one of the important component, because there is a link between University and real world. Antwerp is a business commercial center.